1. Anonymous said: Why do you have a tumblr?

    (wow, way to go tumblr telling me someone asked me something.)

    i started this tumblr as another project called “english critic” wherein i offered a critique of my dictionary app’s word of the day, most of which were obnoxious words of the type people use to make themselves feel smarter than the rest of us proles. i have since abandoned this project; the writing style grew weary and monotonous, and as a tumblr non-native my audience seemed small.

    of course, none of that answers your question. i left the purpose of this tumblr deliberately vague because i didn’t have an idea for a purpose. (i still don’t. i’ve been debating shutting it down.) i don’t quite fit in to the tumblr sphere: i don’t get fangeeky, i don’t care for .gifsets, i don’t like reblogging things because “feels.” i’m still getting the hang of things here, and this site may not suit my needs. i certainly get far more information from twitter, yet i feel overwhelmed by the avalanche of information and find myself skimming past too much for my comfort. what i really want is a blog – but i don’t like the blog format. what i really want is a glob, which is an idea i had that i haven’t implemented yet. we’ll see if i ever get to it.

    i want a place for long-form writing. a space to write down ideas longer than 140 characters. lately i have been neglecting this space for personal reasons. my goal was to say interesting things, to expound upon ideas, and occasionally to reblog things with some added insight and commentary. i can get a pretty convincing rant going when people hit the right topic; i’d like to share a few of them with more than just friends who already agree with me.

    i don’t know if i’ve answered your question. i’d kind of like to know who was asking, though, so if you don’t mind telling i can keep a secret.


  2. gyubu:





    cant stop laughing

    no animal shall wear clothes
    no animal shall sleep in a bed

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  3. sagansense:

    opportunity rover’s wheel tracks at victoria crater of mars, 2008.

    credit: nasa/jpl-caltech/cornell university

    via sci-universe

    this is basically real-time video footage from a nuclear powered car that we dropped via rocket propelled skycrane onto the surface of a tiny rock that you can barely see in the sky with the naked eye, across a hundred millions of miles of nothing.

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  4. gerrycanavan:

    which companies dominate your state’s politics?

    an important chart. who would have thought that the south, full of unhealthy, anti-science, folk-cure culture, extremely small-government approach to social and medical welfare and a cooking style that can be charitably described as diabetic would be so profitable to health companies?

    this chart tells you how to fill in the blank when complaining about the [blank]-industrial complex.

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  5. i just realized i can combine these two text sources, here are some more:

    cook, to get chicken out someone i can talk to deadline. in 14 hours i me. i’ve put up so learn how to like yourself

    months and my ability to i need to get away. needn’t be physical violence: martin can only work on deadlines this out here first. maybe

    want to write a program to deal with it. but to watch something. to escape to deal with it. but sonic youth album. i have

    "but sonic youth album. i have" is pretty much the most christopher lutzian (cheepguavan?) sentence ever written.


  6. i have implemented a simple dissociated press algorithm.

    i have been running my various lowercase texts through it.

    most of this text is too long to share on twitter.

    here are some choice bits from my panic diary:

    now. that’s a lie. what nothing productive or creative or or reading or anything that for the sudden well of provide me with quick answers.

    and makes people think about it will, rather than holing for some reason i feel health, you just gotta tell disruptive? that’s probably the closest,

    is that at the end suppose my day began quite of commodity fetishism as being myriad of self-destructive urges, to makes everyone uncomfortable, makes everyone

    and from the front page of my tumblr:

    wasn’t very good artistically, but a bit too much sympathy the plus side, if i but i think a few so much so that it’s

    article that should be read past few hours and so but i will not steal under bridges, beg in the the street, men turn their

    popular narrative has somehow constructed water to drown his carcass down the street, men turn

    needless to say, i am pleased with the quality of this nonsense.


  7. national novel generation month

    so on a whim darius kazemi decided to create nanogenmo, the national novel generation month, in opposition to nanowrimo. while the rest of the world writes a novel, i will be writing a program to spit out a novel. in the meantime i will be using this as a dev blog. if you don’t care about that you can mute the #nanogenmo hashtag – i can’t imagine it will be used for much else.

    i signed up for this not fully realizing what it would entail but fuck it, i’m going through with it, so i’ve been reading about text manipulation algorithms and other toys for the past few hours and so far gotten nowhere. it’s interesting stuff but it’s hard to grasp broad algorithm descriptions without looking at working code in a language i know that doesn’t use lots of libraries to be “robust.” simplicity seems somewhat underrated in so-called example programs.

    that said, there’s some cool stuff. i have been looking at textblob and it seems very useful. dissociated press also seems like it could yield some fun, though it will almost certainly create high levels of unreadability if applied too liberally. but i think a few sprinklings could yield humorous turns.

    i have decided on a style, and it may be overly ambitious but i am taking the programmer’s adage of “fail early, fail often” and appending “fail hard” to the end as my approach. some of the preliminary entries are in and they’re all very flippant, as two-hour preliminary entries to a “generate a fifty thousand word novel with a program” are destined to be, but i want to take this task completely seriously. i want a novel to be both readable and meaningful. i want to write a program that will write a novel about something. this is the novel i would have written had i done nanowrimo like everyone else; i’m just writing it by proxy of python.

    stylistically, it will be stream of (non)consciousness. it is not required to make sense; indeed, i’m hoping most of it is disjointed, because if random free-associative meanings don’t arise from the digital noise i won’t feel like the “generative” aspect of the novel has been satisfied. it must have some semblance of character, of a plot, of story, but more than that it must have meaning beyond that which i write into it.

    the text will be wholly original. i may take word data (or random words) from external sources but i will not steal text fragments, defined for these purposes as “more than three consecutive words, unless it’s a really common or really clever phrase.” (i am being very rigorous here.) i will try to hand-write as little as possible, however i suspect this is unavoidable if i want the end result to have even a remote stab at coherence.

    on the plus side, if i can pull this off you should be able to take my code, type in “boy meets girl” and get a head start on your next phone-it-in romance novel.


  8. in its majestic equality, the law forbids rich and poor alike to sleep under bridges, beg in the streets, and steal loaves of bread.
    — anatole france, apparently a fantastic author of quips. (the quote comes from a fantastic article that should be read as fucking gospel by everyone, every night before bed.)

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  9. objective journalism is one of the main reasons american politics has been allowed to be so corrupt for so long. you can’t be objective about nixon.
    — hunter s. thompson, explaining our current political crisis.
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  10. lastrealindians:

    creative acts of resistance against the kxl pipeline

    these guys are making the protest i’m trying to organize look bad.

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